Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"Behind the Mule, Beneath the Sun"

“What’s done is done; like water over the dam.  There’s no use thinking of what might have been." ~ Ecclesiastes 1:15
For him the country was the safest place to live, to explore, to create new stories.  Though Ken could feel lonely in a crowded room, he felt entirely at home on the family farm.
He was never happier than wearing muddy boots and his battered, felt hat.  Of course there were chores, but that's how he got to feel important and know he was needed.
There was time for work and time for play, a perfect balance.  But today was all about work; his first day on his own, plowing behind Elvis the mule.
A crisp morning breeze brushed across the field.  Crickets broke the silence.  Edging the plow into the soil, he seized the cold steel handles and headed across the field admiring the brute power behind such an amazing animal.
The first furrow plowed was the always the most important.  It had to be straight, especially when you had acres of land to plow.  If you got the first furrow straight, the whole field would end up straight and square.
Dad reminded him (for the umpteenth time) before he’d left the barn: “Plow with your eye on the fence post at the end of the field.  Stay focused!  Never take your eyes off of it.”
“How dumb!” Ken thought.  How’re you going to know if you’re plowing straight if you don’t look back occasionally to see how you’re doing?”
Throwing Dad’s advice out the window he decided to do it his own way, looking back to admire his progress.  He enjoyed being in charge!
When he reached the end of the field, he looked back eager to view the results.  Instead of the ramrod straight line he was expecting, he saw what looked like a slithering snake, with more bends and curves than the Colorado River.
On the return Ken complied, with telling results - the line was as straight as a gun barrel.  Dad had been right.  The row got messed up only when he lost focus.  At day’s end he marveled at the field of dark, straight rows; another season's promise in the ground.
Paul had similar wisdom when he spoke of placing his focus on Jesus Christ.  When we need, God knows.  When we ask, He listens.  When we believe, God acts.
Too many of us try to steer our lives by looking in the rearview mirror.  “If only … “Things ain’t what they used to be.”  "I wish I woulda or coulda …"
“Press forward,” Jesus said “and don’t look back.”  Like Paul, if we focus on Christ, we’ll plow a dead straight path and accomplish God’s purpose in our lives.
Lord, You are the God of the impossible.  You can do anything.  I want to trust in Your ability and not my own.  Help me to focus forward and teach me to see difficulties in my life from Your perspective.  Amen