Friday, December 15, 2017

Let It Snow

“God speaks to us through His beautiful creations." ~ John 1:3
Silvery flakes drifted softly, glittering in the bright light of a golden sunrise.   Winter trees shivered in the gentle wind; naked branches adorned with an icy frosting.  For Brianna (5), it marked something very special – the first ‘snow day’.
All bundled up, Mom and daughter loaded their snow tubes, a few extra mittens, and a thermos of hot chocolate into the back seat of the car and headed to the “Best park on the planet to slide!"
Mom grew up in a small town just a few miles from where their family lives now.  Going back there to ride down the hill together had always been her dream.   As a little girl playing with her friends she often declared "Someday I'll bring my kids here!”
The park was covered in a thick ivory blanket.  Statutes peeked from under their new white caps.  Footsteps and paw prints crisscrossed each other around the labyrinth of paths.  The snow had transformed the landscape making it a magical place full of wonder and uncharted mysteries.
For Mom, today seemed extra special.  Brianna was finally old enough to take a few trips down the hill on her own.  Not that this was a dangerous hill, but for the first time Mom was starting to let go.  From the first day we begin to teach our children to be independent, we begin to experience that special pain - the one that tugs at your heart every time they take another step in the direction of adulthood.
As they came to a rolling stop, the two tumbled into the powder laughing.  The cobalt sky above reminded them of God’s creative talents.  Next to where they’d stopped were a few small evergreens laden with snow.
"Look Bri, see how the snow glistens on those branches?” Mom motioned.  “After God sends us snow to play in, He sends sunlight to dance on the snowflakes.  As they melt, the snow turns into tiny water drops.  As they hang there, light shines through them and you can see little rainbows.  It's all a part of His magnificent expression," Mom explained.
"This is way better than Disney World!" Brianna said, "and we don't have to stand in line to see it."
Off in the distance they heard other children playing.  Yet, in that precious moment that this young Mother will one-day recall when she’s feeling abandoned and alone, God put on a light show and life danced across their souls.
Have you taken a minute to stop and watch a snowflake float to the ground?  Or seen a rainbow in a droplet of God's tears?   If you haven't, my good friend, you're missing the greatest show on earth … and it’s all free for an investment of your time.
Almighty Father, You’ve beckoned us to marvel at majestic mountains, enjoy vibrant sunsets, smell fragrant roses, and calm ourselves beside still waters. Thank You for doing all the hard work so we could enjoy these simple pleasures.  Amen