Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Chain Breaker

“Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person; the past is forgotten. ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17
The men in Ryan’s life had two things in common – thirst and a lack of self-control.  Hence you might say that he was born to die young; destined for failure and a future bleak at best.
His grandfather was a raging drunk.  Years of alcohol abuse left him dull-witted.  He had no desire to get sober and was determined to stay drunk until he died.  With no love to share with his wife or children, the liquor bottle became his only friend.
As a result, Ryan’s father became a rowdy sort, who while smart and handsome, began to look for ways to fill the holes in his heart.  His mother fell in love with the rebel and they married.  But it didn’t take long for their relationship to suffer.  Anger from Dad’s youth divided the couple.  He filled the emptiness drinking alone in local bars.
Mom left home when Ryan was seven after one of one of Dad’s all-too-frequent beatings never to be heard from again.  His father sank deeper into the bottle until Ryan found him dead on the couch next to an empty whiskey bottle and an ashtray of cigarette butts days before graduation.
Ryan carried hateful anger towards his father in college.  But unwittingly, he repeated many of his Dad’s same destructive behaviors and partied heavily.
His first marriage lasted seven years and produced one son. Thrilled with fatherhood, Ryan vowed to be the best father ever; he’d never embarrass his kid, only make him proud, and always be there for him.
But the men in his past still haunted him.  So he sought help!
During a 4-day spiritual retreat, Ryan found himself at the foot of the cross, free from the fear of God’s punishment; He’d already paid the price for Ryan’s sin.
It wasn’t until he totally surrendered himself to God that the scourge of alcoholism that had littered his past melted away.   Despite struggling with self-worth, trust, intimacy, and more, the Lord’s blessing helped him break the chains handed down through generations. When he ponders how close he came to that path, Ryan thanks God for the will to persevere for a better life.
Sometimes we carry on family traditions that we shouldn’t and it affects our children.  So whether you have inherited certain propensities genetically or from exposure to regular family behavior, the Lord is able to overcome these battles and strongholds in your life as you determine to depend upon Him.
And pour yourself into this next generation - the purity you walk in will be a platform for your kids.  Decisions you make (both good and bad) will impact generations to come.
Beloved Child, I love it when you come to Me to confess your sin.  I’m your safe place and your salvation.  Let’s make it right together.  Let Me have the thing that’s holding you back from a new and fresh start.  ~ God